Occupod DuPage

When we started this campaign, we were told that making a podcast while running for office would be too difficult – so, naturally, we did it.

Occupod DuPage is the result of our efforts! Every two weeks, I sit down with an interesting individual or group here in DuPage County alongside my Programs Director, Maggie Micklo, and we discuss the issues that affect our county, our families, and our lives.

There are a lot of prescription narcotics that are prescribed, that maybe don’t even get used – we need to get them off the street securely.
— Gregory Whalen, candidate for DuPage County Sheriff

Things are picking up, things are getting better, but there’s a lot of ground we need to cover ... every youth arm of the Democratic Party.
— David Olin, National Programs Director for College Democrats of America

Be aware of what we have locally! ... The Forest Preserve is a local agency, so we all own 12% of the county property.
— Daniel Hebreard, candidate for DuPage County Forest Preserve

The number one reason people move [to DuPage] is public education and our school system, and we need to protect that.
— Terra Costa Howard, candidate for House District 48

Judges are not allowed to comment on policy, and if a judge tells you [their position], then they’re wrong. ... That’s why we have the rule of law.
— Linda Davenport, candidate for DuPage County Circuit Court

I’ve seen the difference that public transportation can make ... and I’d like to see that here.
— Hadiya Afzal, candidate for DuPage County Board, District 4