Tobacco 21 - Raise the Age!

  • Strongly supports a county-wide ordinance to raise the age for buying tobacco from 18 to 21 yrs old, a measure endorsed by the DuPage County Health Department and implemented in the cities of Naperville and Chicago.

Government Operations

  • Believes that the County Board should push for effective consolidation of unnecessary departments, such as folding the DuPage Election Commission back into the County Clerk’s office
  • Supports constituent accessibility to elected officials and vows to hold frequent town halls to receive constant feedback from District 4 residents

environment - Preserve our green Areas!

  • Supports an energy audit of the County Board and the installation of solar panels on its roof to reduce energy costs paid for by taxpayer dollars
  • Would work to host environmental workshops for constituents regarding green energy policies that individual households could implement, such as solar water heaters or solar roof panels

Public Transportation

  • Fully supports "DuPage Connects", the recent 25-yr vision for public transportation initiative launched by the County Board that will work to make DuPage a more cohesive area for workers and visitors
  • Will work to expand the bus system, build more bike lanes, repair county infrastructure, and make sure that no one should need a car to get around DuPage County


  • Believes that elected officials should represent the areas they serve and that the DuPage County Board should have more than 1 Democrat, 4 women, and no people of color serving on it
  • Understands that a diverse background of viewpoints and experiences are required to develop and pass comprehensive legislation


  • Hadiya does not support the 2% raise County Board members voted to grant themselves in 2016 and vows to return the money every year.
  •  Believes that taxpayer money should go towards addressing constituent issues, not unnecessary expenditures for County Board Members.
  • Supports working to upgrade DuPage County’s bond rating back up to a AAA rating from the current AA+

Opioid/Heroin Epidemic

  • Supports county treatment centers for people affected by opioid and heroin addictions
  • Understands that addiction and reliance should be treated as illnesses, not crimes